The mystery began nearly 100 years ago, all peoples across the land of Muir'Alos simultaneously awoke with no memory of their past and no trace of their history, except for old structures and buildings previously made, and the skills to recreate a functioning society. On the fringes of this land, between two suns that rarely rise higher than the horizon – endless icy seas, endless dry desert, and endless forests teeming with danger make life harsh and unforgiving. When the separated cultures came upon the central landscape, seeing it's lush plains and temperate climate as a treasure, they clashed, fighting for dominance over it (the War of Dominion).

Out of the chaos rose a nation, led by the most powerful magician known. With his seat established at the heart of the land, he demanded an end to the warring, and exiled all groups who would not agree to a truce on his just terms. For them, all that was left was execution, or a slow death back in the hazardous outskirts. From then on, an uneasy harmony among the peoples of Muir'Alos was kept. Uneasy, mainly because the questions remained; what caused them all, young and old, to forget the past and why? How did they get here?

While most choose to focus on day-to-day survival, there are some who dare to find answers. Explorers, excavators, researchers, who brave the wild frontiers and buried ruins, that scantily tell of a world before the Awakening. However, to fund their passion, they must become Freelancers, selling their skills to serve the prolonging and betterment of society, forming guilds to become a force of reckoning.

It is your inclination to join one of these freelancer guilds, to suit your natural and trained abilities. And to find your purpose in a world that may be teetering on the brink of everlasting darkness…

Eternal Sunset